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Let's begin with our history

Hello guys! Starting today, we will share some of our work in the form of a blog, bringing the activities, projects and results of our daily lives, here at Obra Social São Francisco Xavier.

For those who still don't know us, we are an entity founded from an action carried out by Father Carlos (Xaveriano). He began to manufacture and paint sacred images with some boys who frequented the Chácara dos Padres. Some time passed, and Father Carlos saw the opportunity to make a connection between the various companies in the region, and the work force of the boys, teaching a trade and a way to obtain remuneration. However, with the construction of the Imigrantes highway and the expropriation of Chácara dos Padres, it was necessary to reinvent itself to continue the project.

Maria Madalena Figueiredo, our Sister Lucina, belonged to the Congregation Oblates of the Holy Spirit, where she made public vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, to follow the evangelical path of life in common. It was she who, in the early 1970s, was responsible for continuing the activities initiated by Father Carlos, giving rise to the São Francisco Xavier Educator Society.

Years later, exactly on April 12, 1977, legally and officially, the São Francisco Xavier Social Work was founded, aiming to carry out philanthropic activities aimed at the service of coexistence and strengthening of bonds. As a result, it also began to assist girls, carrying out work with mixed groups.

Sister Lucina was at the head of OSSFX from 1977 until 2010, when she fell ill and had to leave her post to take care of her health. On the first day of 2014, she left us, aged 89, and went to live in the house of God, leaving the marks of her dedication and love for children and adolescents.

Sister Lucina and our general coordinator, José Arcanjo.

During the pandemic, activities were suspended in person, being carried out virtually. The workshop workers were in charge of passing activities to be carried out and delivered every month. These were difficult times for all of us, it was not possible to have our social contact and develop activities with so much affection and love, but it was necessary for us to meet again in good health.

While separated, the team - both the workshop workers, the volunteers, the president and the coordination - worked to find ways to keep the Work running, and helping as much as possible. Food donation campaigns were carried out to assemble basic baskets, events such as the ''Festa Junina em casa'' with the preparation of broths and drinks for sale and fundraising, as well as solidarity bread, with the sale of bread milk and stuffed meats, Feijoada and Baião de Dois drive thru. And I'm proud to say that all these events were a success!

Currently, OSSFX has approximately 120 children and adolescents, assisted in the after-school shift, in the morning or afternoon. Those assisted receive complete meals, in addition to the sporadic donation of food, basic baskets and feminine and masculine hygiene kits, from campaigns carried out throughout the year, to collect these products.

Our current team: Maria da Conceição (General Services), Creusa Maeda (Administrative), José Arcanjo (General Coordinator), Maria de Fátima (General Services), Sandro Brandão (Workshop), Elisângela Souza (Workshop), Roberto Ferreira Jr (Technical of Reference), Marta Anami (President), Nathália Lobo (Workshop).

In addition to our wonderful team, we still have volunteers willing to get their hands dirty, and fill us with affection! - But that's a topic for a next post!

It is with great pride and love that we follow in Sister Lucina's footsteps, and somehow try to bring happiness and lightness to the lives of our clients. If you are interested in knowing our work, or participating as a volunteer, please contact us!

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